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Top 5 Vallarta Hideaways Where You Can Disconnect


Puerto Vallarta abounds in good-time options, with deluxe hotels, bars and restaurants all over. What’s more, it is surrounded by the great natural beauty of its beaches, mountains and rainforests. Vallarta’s many hidden gems often take visitors’ breath away.

If you’ve decided to take some well-earned vacation time or you want to get away to a gorgeous place, you can’t miss this post, because it tells about things to do in Puerto Vallarta that make for a truly spectacular stay.

What to Visit?

Puerto Vallarta has countless places to enjoy, something for every kind of person: for those who like the uproar of busy places, as well as for folks who seek out the peace and quiet of more isolated spots that are off the beaten track. This time around, we are going to talk about the latter.

Botanical Garden

There’s no question that one of the attractions in Puerto Vallarta is the Botanical Garden, where environmental care shines throughout its 158 acres. If luck is on your side, you will not only see countless types of well-tended plants but also some local fauna.

Among the things to do during your visit here is to check out the hanging bridge, along with the cactus garden and grotto. You will also want to stroll along the paths, admire the design of the new Our Lady of the Garden Chapel, consult the tree species identification labels and peruse the orchid conservatory, where your jaw will drop.

Another good plan is to see how many of the over 200 species of local native birds you can see and feed hummingbirds on the terrace of La Hacienda de Oro restaurant. While there, if you’ve worked up an appetite, try their brick-oven pizzas, fajitas and any of their scrumptious desserts.

Last of all, remember not to take food into the garden, and be careful with each of the living beings whose home you are visiting. That is precisely the mission of the botanical garden: to care for the plants and animals living there.

Listen to the birds sing, regale your eyes with the views that nature provides and, of course, take it slow and easy in this natural Eden, a treat for both the sight and the soul!

Hours: Daily, 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Prices: Entry to the garden is $300 MXN pesos per person; children under three enter free

Location: Km 24 on the Puerto Vallarta coastal road to Barra de Navidad


If you’re yearning for a fabulous beach day, accept this invitation to Majahuitas, where you will be happy from the moment you arrive and see the crystalline blue water. But the best part is that it is one of the most hidden away, consequently quietest, spots in Puerto Vallarta.

Despite that, the beach has plenty of activities to partake of, like a famous banana boat ride, kayaking, snorkeling, a treasure hunt and even beach volleyball and horseback riding.


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It is also important to mention that there is a fine assortment of eating options on site, all of them very tasty and ranging from salads to seafood, ceviches and grilled food. The variety of beverages follows suit, with some very refreshing cocktails being popular options.

So think no more, and come to this paradise, where cars don’t drive, where the only alarms that sound are animals squawking and where concerns have left to go partying!

Sierra Madre

Tourism in Puerto Vallarta is unlike anywhere else in the world, which is more than clear when up in the Sierra Madre, a place where nature is what most abounds. In fact, so much of the biodiversity encountered is thought to be endemic to Mexico, and there are more than plants to observe, as mammals, reptiles and amphibians are among the different types of animals that make the mountains their home.

Besides the nature here, perhaps the most incredible part is that it can be toured on foot, horseback, bicycle and depending on the zone, four wheeler or buggy.

Plus, available sports activities include zip lining, rafting, hiking and climbing, all adrenalin-filled experiences that can be done on routes that are either well-trod or others that are less so, for the more adventuresome.

We couldn’t close without mentioning another of the area’s strengths, as is a particular gastronomic contribution, as seen in the chocolate museum, where you will find a variety of desserts and can take workshops and even tours.


This is an unforgettable place for chocolate lovers, given that not only can you taste this delicacy in different forms, but you can also take workshops where you will learn amazing details about chocolate and Mexican cacao, not to mention being able to learn to actually make chocolate from scratch, in other words starting from the seed itself.

The workshops are varied and will depend on your preferences and what you want to learn. There are workshops to learn to make truffles, to transform the cacao bean into a chocolate bar, to learn to make Poblano-style mole sauce and more that you won’t want to miss. There are also workshops for children, where they will learn a lot and have a chocolate adventure.

Although workshop prices vary, don’t worry, as they tend to be reasonably priced.

Hours: Mon to Sat, 10:30 am – 7:30 pm

Free entrance

Las Ánimas

Another thing to do in Puerto Vallarta is to go to Las Ánimas Beach, which is full of magic and beauty everywhere you turn. It will not disappoint: once you see it, you will want to return time and again. Its calm, crystalline, shallow waters ensure a day of absolute relaxation.

You can hike to the beach if you’re a true adventurer. But keep in mind that it involves following dirt trails, ladders, mountainous sections and more. The other quicker way to get there is by water taxi.

Once at the beach, there are plenty of possible activities, such as snorkeling, walking the beach, riding a banana boat through the water or flying with a parachute to gaze at all the beauty from above.


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But that is not all, since something that visitors and locals alike enjoy about this beach are the food and flavors available, especially the seafood.

As you have seen, Puerto Vallarta has several extremely attractive spots to get away to that are perfect for that day or weekend of relaxation that you more than deserve.

Now, you just have to decide which of these destinations to choose and make a reservation at our Hotel Samba Vallarta, where you can expect comfortable accommodations, a variety of services, a central location to be able to leisurely tour these places and our all-inclusive package, with which you will get a discount of up to 45%.

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