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The Best Places to Enjoy the Culinary Side of Vallarta


Samba Vallarta is located just 10 miles from Puerto Vallarta, where hundreds of domestic and international tourists come on vacation and soak in the great weather in the Riviera Nayarit.

We realize that despite having everything included at Samba Vallarta, you will also want to enjoy local gastronomy, so here we present some of the top restaurants the destination has to offer, for you to try out with friends, family or your partner.

Archie’s Wok

With original and exotic Thai and other Asian flavors, Archie’s Wok has become a legend on Banderas Bay, where it is considered a key to the culinary development of Puerto Vallarta. Since 1986, it has been among everyone’s favorite restaurants in the port city.

Dishes are made with a range of homegrown herbs and spices, such as kaffir lime, chile peppers, tamarind and even coconut milk, native of both Asia and the Mexican coast.


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At Archie’s Wok you should sample some delicious appetizers, like chicken satay, Chinese cucumber salad with sesame seeds and the famous coconut-poblano chile soup. You can also enjoy dishes such as hot and spicy pastas, seafood, rice dishes, poultry and meat. This well-known spot has dishes for every kind of taste and palate, in addition to a long, enticing list of homemade desserts that will leave a lovely flavor in your mouth. Be sure and try the exquisite ice creams or subtle triple chocolate brownie! Yes, triple chocolate–is your mouth watering?

La Dolce Vita

Traditional Italian cuisine with an authentic atmosphere and unique flavors, La Dolce Vita is one of the best restaurant choices for a dinner under the stars with stunning views of the Puerto Vallarta waterfront and bay. In 1990, it came to Mexico to stay, offering a mixture of traditions, ingredients, history and passion that wins over our taste buds, as well as our heart!

With over 60 dishes, from delicious appetizers and salads to seafood, pastas and pizzas, La Dolce Vita makes the best Italian dishes on the coast. The fresh ingredients, homemade pastas and precise flavor combinations can’t help but take your breath away.

Here, you can have anything from a romantic evening to a business dinner, where you will surprise your associates or your loved one with all the dishes and the top-notch service the place is known for. Be sure and taste the famous gamberonis al limone, delicious shrimp sautéed in white wine, lime and garlic. They are one of the house specialties, as well as their fresh homemade pastas, like meat-filled tortellinis in ragu sauce or gnocchis in tomato sauce. And the pizzas! With all the ingredients you can dream of, each one provides an incredible flavor explosion for your taste buds. From contadina, fantasia or capricciosa to the San Daniele.

You can also enjoy the bartender’s luscious cocktails, which span the gamut from a glass of clericot to a thrilling dry Martini. Everything La Dolce Vita has to offer is genuinely delicious.

River Café

Located on the Cuale River Island, just a few minutes from the waterfront and downtown Puerto Vallarta, River Café offers sophisticated cuisine for a range of palates, as well as an excellent assortment of Mexican and international wines, in addition to an extensive cocktail menu.

Go to River Café for anything from a delicious French toast breakfast to a perfect evening in a natural, romantic and lovely setting. This is all thanks to its ideal location in the very heart of Puerto Vallarta, a spot where you are likely to see iguanas and colorful birds.


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To order from an extraordinary menu, you will probably want a table in the main dining room. However, for a smaller tasting menu with some light hors d’oeuvres or just to sip a glass of wine, try out the bar.

If you’re starting the day, the breakfast menu is varied, offering fruit bowls, eggs any style, sandwiches and French toast, as well as a full range of packages, like the Patrona Breakfast, which includes eggs, French toast, bacon, fruit, juice and coffee.

In the afternoon, have some crispy squid rings, shrimp-filled avocado, beet carpaccio or one of the soups on the menu, such as cream of corn or tortilla soup, both house specialties. And then there are superb main dishes, like adobo-marinated fish tacos, linguine al pomodoro and the classic hamburger.

But if you’re looking for a romantic dinner, keep in mind such marvelous dishes as roasted apple salad, exquisite cream of asparagus soup and luscious homemade artichoke raviolis! Plus, if you’re not into meat and seafood, there is also a vegan and vegetarian menu to choose from.


Embraced by branches of the Cuale River and looking out onto the Pacific Ocean, Oscar’s Restaurant is considered among the loveliest spots to be found in Puerto Vallarta.

This place is the result of the vision of Oscar López and his wife Luz Elena Sánchez. In 2013, they created their own tequila distillery at home, using the finest Agave Azul to ensure its quality. To date, it is the city’s only distillery, located just steps away from the Puerto Vallarta waterfront.

The dishes are made in the restaurant with the finest local and national Mexican ingredients, boasting the highest and freshest quality on the market. But that’s not all; Oscar’s is also known for some of the best coffees, wines and mixed drinks to satisfy one and all.

Don’t miss the delicious mini tamales, rib eye tacos, classic Caesar salad or shrimp quesadillas. Everything is made to order with top local ingredients.

Enjoy an afternoon with family or friends, as there are dishes to make everyone happy!

Vitea Oceanfront Bistro

Offering the perfect combination of freshness, healthy food and top-notch location, Vitea Oceanfront Bistro is an oceanfront restaurant with a French Riviera feeling. Ever since 2004, when chef partners Bernhard Güth and Ulf Henriksson opened this bistro, with a panoramic view of the bay and spectacular sunsets, it opens from breakfast to dinner, so is perfect for absolutely any occasion.

Treat your palate to some delicious goat cheese raviolis, octopus with chorizo and potato, seafood casserole or gnocchis with lobster. And keep in mind that you cannot leave without trying one of the most famous dishes of the restaurant: beef ribs baked for 12 hours in red wine sauce and served with mashed potatoes, mushrooms in garlic and roasted carrots.

Savor any of their dishes in a laid back atmosphere, with colorful tables and chairs with glass mosaic decorations while gazing at the best panoramic views of the waterfront.

Barcelona Tapas

Set back just a few streets from the Puerto Vallarta waterfront is a place where you can revel in the best view of the bay, Barcelona Tapas, a restaurant that is proud of using the freshest and highest quality ingredients in every dish it serves, making you feel right at home.

Besides the live dance music, you will get to savor wonderful Spanish dishes. You have to try some cold tapas, like alioli potatoes, stacked beets and Spanish ham with tomato–superb! But don’t forget the hot tapas, too. Since Barcelona Tapas offers many flavors to suit each guest, it is a great place to enjoy an intimate evening with friends and loved ones, along with a lovely glass of Chilean, Argentine or Italian wine.

For the grand finale, make sure to order dessert: for instance, orange flan, caramel banana or the famous house specialty of Catalan cream with raspberries.

Come for an excellent evening, and treat yourself and everyone in your party to the unique flavors at Barcelona Tapas.

Which one appeals the most? Try them all! Each one has unique flavors and experiences, so there’s one for every occasion. Sink your teeth into the gastronomic experience that Puerto Vallarta has in store for you.

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