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5 cool activities to do in Vallarta


If you are looking for a destination to enjoy with your love ones, Vallarta is the option for you. Here are 5 cool  activities you can do in this destination:

Historic Center.

The heart of Puerto Vallarta is full of attractions that you can enjoy, such as Plaza de Armas, where you can enjoy delicious ice cream and watch the people who dance danzon in the afternoon in the square, from there you can walk to the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe. which is characterized by its beautiful architecture and the art found within it.


Tour the city boardwalk, where you can appreciate a variety of cultural activities and sculptures, such as the Seahorse, the Amphitheater of the Arches or visit the lighthouse of Matamoros Street, which is located in the Museum Historic Naval, where you can climb and have spectacular views of the bay and of course, the magnific sunsets.

Romantic Zone.

At the end of the city boardwalk you will reach the Romantic Zone, where you can find a wide variety of restaurants, craft shops and art galleries, places where we ensure you will spend an afternoon full of fun.


Puerto Vallarta offers a variety of places such as mangroves, mountains and jungle, destinations where you can explore them on foot, or by boat. We recommend you visit the estuary mangroves of the El Salado, where you will observe both fauna and unique flora of the region.


Puerto Vallarta has islands that are unmissable during your visit. Los Arcos Marine Park can do activities such as diving or snorkeling and enjoy a boat ride through its tunnels and caves. The other island that has become an icon of the destination is Marieta Island, where there are tours with a minimum of people to enter, where you will spend some incredible moments.

These activities are a must when visiting Puerto Vallarta, we invite you to stay in Samba Vallarta, having an unbeatable location, just 15 minutes from the airport and 25 from Puerto Vallarta.

We assure you that our level of service and excellent service will make your vacation a memorable stay.

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