Our priority is you: Reservation policies for Covid-19  |  Hygiene Protocols

Reservation policies for Covid-19  |  Hygiene Protocols

Weddings & Socials

What’s most important to us is your maximum enjoyment of your event, whether it be a wedding, coming out party, themed party, or any other celebration. We have a team of professionals who can advise you every step of the way in order to create a memorable experience.

We offer packages that include pre-event massage or styling and make-up, and–why not–even your anniversary trip.

You can hold your event in our garden with a panoramic ocean view or in the Cora Salon–perfect for celebrating your event.

Event garden

It is a free area with capacity for up to 600 people in banquet hall. It is facing the sea with the unique frame of a spectacular panoramic view.

Whether you want it for weddings, sweet sixteen, themed parties, or any celebration, you will have professional staff that ensure a memorable experience.

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Cora Salon

At Samba Vallarta All Inclusive you will find the perfect merge of quality and warmth in the service, as well as accessibility for all types of events with a capacity of 40 to 120 people, depending on the type of montage you want.


We want to be part of this important day

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